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We design, supply and install Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) wastewater and trade effluent treatment solutions. 

Our robust SAFs are manufactured in a wide range of configurations for both Municipal and Industrial treatment applications including: SAF For removal of BOD, COD & Ammonia, I-SAF our intelligent SAF systems with 50% increased power efficiency and our Anoxic SAF designed to remove Nitrate NO3.

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SAF Units & Lamella Plate Settlement Tanks.  READ MORE

Feasibility Studies to determine the most cost effective wastewater treatment solution to suit your particular requirements. Investigation & reports on failed wastewater treatment systems. Optimisation of your wastewater treatment system. READ MORE

We offer a comprehensive Scheme Project Management service, including full CAD capability. Key elements include procurement, planning, programming, site supervision with the ability to work under CDM regulations if required.. READ MORE

We have a fully trained team of installation and commissioning engineers to ensure the installation & commissioning of our treatment systems is carried out in a professional manner with emphasis on risk assessment method statements to ensure all work is carried out safely. READ MORE

Setfords Advantage

With over 40 years’ experience in the wastewater treatment industry, in both the public and private sector, Setfords deliver high quality, robust wastewater treatment solutions.   

Our Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) biological treatment system offer key financial, operational and performance advantages.  These include:

Small Footprint

Simple to Operate

Minimum Maintenance

Low Cost of Ownership

Energy Efficient

Robust in Performance

High Quality Treatment

60yr+ tank asset life (Stainless Steel) for low Capex.

complete turnkey solutions
complete turnkey solutions
complete turnkey solutions


Submerged Air Filtration technology is effective across a wide range of applications and sectors. Key applications include:

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

SAF provides a robust and energy efficient solution to controlling industrial wastewater overheads, while meeting ever more stringent compliance obligations.

Where solids, oil, bacteria or regulated chemicals are present in the effluent, Setfords offer a range of cost effective pre and post treatment solutions to optimising recycling and maximise the reuse of water.

Residential & Commercial Development

We offer scalable, low impact, small foot print solutions for effluent processing where the population exceeds 25 PE and mains drainage is unavailable. 

From small scale residential developments through to commercial offices, hotels, schools and temporary biological treatment solutions for festivals, SAF delivers safe, cost effective and robust waste treatment.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

We have assisted numerous Water Companies in the development of their SAF specifications and design standards. 

With extensive experience across potable water networks and potable water treatment sites, we are equiped to offer a complete design, management, civil construction & M.E.I.C.A capability; reacting quickly to special requirements or project requirementents.

What our clients say…

Hi David,

I would like to thank you for your design input and recommendation of your 1000 SAF Plant & Lamella Settling Tanks to upgrade the old on-site sewage treatment works at the Motorway Services Area. I am impressed with the quality of the build and its simplicity. Even though we will be shortly duplicating the installation to provide a fully flexible, safe, system with capacity to cater for increased growth of the Services Area’s facilities over the next 25 years, the current system at one point enabled us to prevent a major pollution incident.

Dr Rick Hudson

Cress Water Solutions

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